About us

Nursery Farm SZCZOT is a Polish family company with a long tradition. The farm is located in the town of Staw (Greater Poland Voivodeship), 20 km from Kalisz.

Our nursery was founded in 1951 by Leon and Antonina Strupczewski (grandparents of the current owner) and was one of the few private nurseries operating at that time in Greater Poland. In the following years, the farm was run by Mieczysław and Krystyna Szczot, and now Paweł and Ewelina, who is proud to continue the almost 70-year old tradition.

We produce qualified virus-free propagating material and material of the CAC category. Our production also includes M26, M9, MM106, and Colt vegetative rootstocks of fruit trees, which amount to approx. 600,000 a year. We have the necessary machine base for the production needs (Agromod, Lauvers, Felco and Kubota). We make sure that the material from our nursery is of the best quality and meets the requirements of the customer, which is why we use the best plant protection products and fertilizers.

The constantly enlarged area of ​​the farm currently includes 30 hectares of our own land and 10 leased hectares. Here, the annual production is about 120,000 fruit trees (apple, pear, apricot, plum, cherry, peach, nectarine, walnut, hazelnut) and 30,000 fruit bushes (black currant, red currant, climbing and bushy gooseberry).

Our sales markets include Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovakia. The recipients of our material are private gardeners and garden centres. We also work with well-known nurseries from the Netherlands.

We offer gardening stores stable and comprehensive supplies of material also from outside our permanent offer.

On a pre-paid deposit, we can store the material throughout the winter period.

We are a VAT payer. We issue documents required by ARiMR. We make every effort to ensure that all our products are of the top quality, and our customers are fully satisfied.

Here you will find the details of our offer.

  • We are a VAT payer..
  • We issue documents required by ARiMR.